Letter #173: March Madness Tradition

March 22, 2011

Dear future family,

You are a super strange topic to write a letter to, but I’m doing it! I don’t even know if you’ll exist, but if you do I’ve come up with a MUST happen tradition. OK, I didn’t come up with it, but I will implement it in you…yes, the currently nonexistent, potentially never existent one.

Let me tell you about it…who doesn’t love March Madness?! I’m not sure there’s a man in the U.S. that doesn’t fill out a bracket, and even some of the most girly girls I know fill out brackets just for the heck of it. Some will make picks based on uniform color, mascot, team’s ‘cute’ factor, favorite cities and who knows what else, while others spend months tracking basketball season so knowledgeable picks can be made come tournament time. With some pretty good upsets this year, I’m not sure which method’s better!

Yesterday, the Houston’s (check out my friend Mary’s awesome photography blog from a family photo shoot!), the sweet family I live with were way too nice and had birthday dinner for me. A definite highlight of my 24th! During dinner I discovered one of their traditions and loved it so much I will be adopting it later in life.

Every year, their entire family fills out a bracket. Hadley, the oldest, filled her first out at 16 or 18 months. This year everybody but Bennett, the four month old, has a bracket. Matt sits down with each kid and asks who will win each game. The kid winner gets to go on a mommy/daddy date, and the adult loser has to plan the date…what a fun interfamily competition!

Hads is six, so hers is a bit more advanced as she’s able to comprehend more. She’s beginning to understand rankings a bit and has KU going all the way. Holland is next. She’s five and picked KU as well. Side note: their dad’s a diehard Jayhawk…if OSU would’ve beat them in the Big 12, I may not have been able to come home! I would’ve willingly tested those waters!

Neely’s next. She just turned three and chose the University of California, Santa Barbara to go all the way. Her reasoning: she thinks it’s the University of Santa ‘Barbie-a.’ Last is Tred. He recently turned two, and Matt uses more of team’s mascots and colors to help him choose. He has the Jayhawks winning too. Matt, of course, picked KU, but Melissa chose UConn to switch it up. If I remember correctly, Neely’s in the lead despite her UCSB selection!

I LOVE this tradition and can’t wait to create my own version with you one day. I don’t really think about you that often because I’m busy living my lovely little single life, but this gets me excited to have all sorts of traditions. However, right now, I love that I’m able to give my nephews and the Houston’s back to their parents as I drift away responsibility free!

My personal bracket is suffering at 29 out of 48 games with only 8 correct Sweet 16 teams with 3 of 4 Final Fours,

Wanna-be creator of fun family traditions

One comment

  1. this is the CUTEST thing i’ve ever heard!!! i love it… for SURE implementing this too (because obvi i’m going to marry someone who is fun and likes sports DUH)

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