Letter #174: My Time Travel Destination

March 23, 2011

Dear ‘A League of Their Own,’

Over the years, I believe you’ve become one of my favorite movies! Top five right alongside Tyler Perry’s ‘Diary of a Mad Black Woman’ (seriously, see it…hilarious, meaningful and downright good). A common interview or get to know you question is, ‘If I could live in one time period besides your own, what would it be?’ Well, thanks for asking. Let me tell you.

After much thought, I’ve decided the time frame from you. Sure, plenty of time frames would’ve been neat to be part of, but if I could only pick one, I’d choose the days of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL). So the fact it happened mid World War II would’ve been hard, however, the war is what opened the opportunity for women to be valued.

I played more sports growing up than I wore dresses (thankfully this simmered down with age!), but never had a desire to play collegiately or professionally. If I had lived in the 40s, I would’ve wanted to play professionally. I would’ve been next to Dottie and Kit at try-outs unhappy about wearing a skirt! This is a strange time frame to choose since we were mid the biggest war in history and husbands, fathers and brothers were sacrificing their lives, but I love the doors WWII opened for women. Plus, any athlete knows there’s nothing like playing the game you love in front of hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

I love you for many reasons. You have a great storyline. You’re funny. You tug on heart strings. You’re 100% relatable. You’re a story of redemption both in a sibling relationship as well as in the life of Jimmy Dugan, manager played by Tom Hanks, a washed-up ex baseball player turned alcoholic. You’re a movie I can see over and over and never get tired of. This is why you rank top five.

I caught the tail end of you again this weekend, and I’ve tweeted about this before. Every time I watch you, I can’t help but ponder this scene (so sad…no footage of this scene available, but I’m guessing nearly every American’s seen this movie). At the end of the movie, the sister rivalry peaks. Down by one, Kit comes up to bat for Racine with Dottie telling the pitcher to throw high fastballs…”She can’t hit ‘em, can’t lay off ‘em.” With two strikes, the last pitch comes, swing and a bomb is launched. Kit ignores her coach and goes for an inside the park homerun. The cutoff hits Dottie, the catcher, as she blocks the plate. A major collison ensues (I’ve been the catcher before with this happening, and it’s awesome and painful at the same time!). If Dottie can hold onto the ball, out. If not, safe. The most intense scene of you that never gets old results in Dottie dropping the ball, and the Racine Belles win the championship.

For almost 20 years (wow, I just dated myself!), I’ve pondered whether this was a mistake by Dottie or if she purposely drops it so her sister can prevail over her for once. The competitor in me says there’s no way she could’ve done this purposely. We’re conditioned to strive for excellence always. However, the loving side of me understands the desire to see a sister or friend succeed, so in this respect, I can see it being possible.

All this being said, I’d love some feedback. I’ve pondered this alone for far too long. What does anyone else think? Regardless, you’re still in my top five movies. Maybe I’m supposed to be left to wonder for the rest of my life?!

Movies just aren’t made like they used to be,

Appreciator of you, a 1992 film



  1. I think she definitely drops it on purpose.. but I’m polling my own social networks out of curiosity.

  2. 1. I’d live at the dawn of creation with adam and eve. I’d be Nate–sans belly button. 3rd wheel extraordinaire as usual.

    2. She drops it on purpose because she has a heart.

  3. On purpose, for sure! I would have dropped it for you sis!

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