Letter #178: Salt’s Anonymity

March 27, 2011

Dear anonymity,

For some reason, I’m overwhelmed with gratefulness toward you today. Our society bows down to the “celebrities” of our culture and gives them everything imaginable on a silver platter. We’ll read any tabloid about Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, ‘The Bachelor’ and the ‘real housewives’ of whatever county or city they’re on this week. We love to know the inside scoop of any and every celebrity we can get our hands on.

Why? I’m not real sure. Maybe because we long to look like them and have their bodies. Newsflash: we’d all be super fit if we were paid based on how we looked and had personal trainers and cooks at our disposal. Maybe it’s because we long for their money. For the most part, nothing is outlandish in their worlds. Maybe we want the power. Celebs are all over political campaigns and pushing all sorts of agendas these days. Heck, our politicians are celebrities.

Sure, living life without money being an issue, being in ridiculously awesome shape and having a pretty powerful platform to work from would be nice, but I don’t know if I’d trade you and my privacy for all this.

I watched the movie, Salt, last night with Angelina Jolie. All I knew going in was it was some sort of internal government debacle with a bunch of explosions. Little did I know I’d walk away valuing you more than ever. If you’re looking for a movie to rent, I’d recommend it. It keeps you on your toes and has a great plot (Disclaimer: language & gore).

Part of the plot (no, I’m not ruining the movie) is the protection of very important government officials. For whatever reason, as I was enjoying the movie, I couldn’t shake the idea of constantly living in the public eye and, to some degree, fear. People always know where you are and what you’re doing. Privacy is no longer a luxury and assassination plots are a reality.

As our culture glorifies fame, fortune and figures (I had to get three f words in there…better choice than it could’ve been!), I’m thankful for my low key life. Sure, when my time on earth ends, I pray this world is different in a positive way because I was here, but I don’t need a Secret Service team, Range Rover and US Weekly photographers following me around to achieve this. I’m grateful people are willing to lead in this way, but I’m thankful I’m able to walk to work and get groceries on my own terms without worrying about an assassination plot unfolding.

Lord, use my anonymity to change this world one conversation, one encounter at a time,

Predictor of a sequel to the movie Salt entitled, Pepper


One comment

  1. LOVED this post and love anonymity! I always have and always will. Have never been one to need that kind of attention and am glad others realize the futility of it. I have a friend in the ministry who once told me when he needs time alone to meditate on things he goes for lunch to a restaurant but sits with his back to the door. I think there’s a manic flaw in his thinking!!!!!

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