Letter #180: Challenging Slumber

March 29, 2011


Dear self,

Every night, I get into bed, and every night I see this. Most of the time, it never phases me, and I’ve just become desensitzed to it. Last night was different. While lying in bed, I looked to my right to a pile of decorations that, confession, haven’t made it onto my walls, and this sign was laying on top.

My oldest sister, brother-in-law and nephews gave this sign to me for Christmas last year, and upon receiving it, I was extremely humbled. My life doesn’t measure up to this phrase, but I’m also challenged. I’m challenged to be better. I’m challenged to be attuned with the Lord and walk in a manner worthy of His calling. I’m challenged to pray boldly as I look at this sign upon falling asleep for my relationship with the Lord as well as for the people I encounter. I’m challenged to not just live in a way that shows people the Lord, but to also know when to speak and tell people about the Lord’s character.

Today, I am challenged. Jamie, thanks for this sweet gift…now get your rear to Branson and help me decorate! Thanks for a challenging reminder to be actively seeking the Lord while also knowing I don’t have to be and can’t be perfect.

Who knew getting into bed would be challenging before the age of 50?!,

Challenged slumberer



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