Letter #184: First April Saturday

April 2, 2011

***Letter #1 to the people of Nepal: If you remember, April Saturdays will highlight my guest blogger’s, Alissa, time in Nepal. Her stories touched my heart, and I hope they touch yours as well. Her photography is impeccable as well. Her blog can be found here. This letter is to Katmandu, the capital of Nepal and the city that served as her home base.

Dear Katmandu,

I dearly miss you and think of you everyday. I will never forget the kindness of your people, the bright colors that adorn the streets, the mangy stray dogs or the smell of burning incense. I miss your horns honking, monkeys hanging in the power lines, and constant flow of more than a million people. As I remember you I do so with joy of having known you and sadness for your people. I am not sad because I had to leave you, though I wish I could have stayed forever, but because of the darkness that has entrapped your people for centuries. I mourn for your lost hope and the desperate attempt at finding truth, only to come up empty. I lament over your brokenness as you attempt to appease the demons all around you. The world sees the riots, the burning, the anger, the mobs, the disarray of the government, but I see the heart of it all, a cry for truth, a cry for something greater than yourself. Yet the world stands facing you silently, criticizing your behavior, claiming it to be savage and no one answers your deep burning question.

To the churches of Katmandu, I pray for you, for your safety in a society that has turned its back on you, for the lives you have given up and the extreme consequences you face daily because of your faith. But more than safety I pray for your perseverance, to stand firm as a body in the face of all dangers and disturbances. To my brothers and sisters in Christ around the world, pray that the Lord would raise up leaders in this growing city, to be the voice of truth in a sea of lies. To my orphans, I pray you always know the love the Father has for each of you. Though fatherless on Earth, our heavenly Father will always be there. You have a family in the body of Christ and I will forever remain your kin. And to the people of Katmandu, I pray for the day I dream of each night. The day in which I gather around the Father’s throne next to all of you who surrender your lives to Jesus, singing praises to Him who saves. This is my prayer, this is my plea…join me at the Father’s feet.



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