Letter #187: Summer Endeavor

April 5, 2011

Dear social media,

You’re a funny beast of our culture. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flicker, tons of other mediums currently in practice and tons that are probably on the verge of being developed in random basements throughout the world have entered our realm of communication. They’ve introduced themselves and honestly, have become the life of the party. If we were in high school, you’d be considered the cool kids.

And why wouldn’t you be?! You’re instant information. Newspapers, to some degree, are out of date before they’re even printed, but I get live updates through a Twitter feed. Blogs provide different perspectives on all sorts of issues. Nowadays, you can read about any topic from nearly any angle for free! The caution in this is some people are idiots and truth isn’t a value, or people post things before adequate research is done. So, as we go about reading people’s opinions, we must remember to read with a question mark. I never just accept what I’m reading as true regardless of the source.

So, why am I talking about you? Well, for one, you’ve become a part of my life. Between Letters for Lindsay, Twitter and Facebook, you have become a piece of my identity. To some degree, you are part of a person’s impression of me. Truthfully, you’re some people’s only impression of me. Good or bad?? I could argue both sides of the fence on benefits and drawbacks of today’s post topic, but that’s not why I’m writing to you today.

I’m writing because I’m excited, and a bit nervous, about a new endeavor we’ll be taking. Kanakuk is taking an exciting turn in your realm. Parents of campers, staff’s families, old staff, potential camp families and whoever else will get a glimpse into what happens at camp in the summers. My parents will get to see just a blip into what my life looks like three months a year. Staff who had to take summer school and just want a little taste of a Kanakuk summer will get it.

Ladies and gentleman, I’m excited to announce that beginning this summer each individual camp is going to have two forms of you: a Twitter and a blog. Every camp will get to make it what they want it to be, but every camp will be represented. I’m excited for the opportunity to connect with families. I’m stoked that people will get a glimpse of what Kanakuk is. I’ve also been given the K-West reins to run with this endeavor. This, I’m excited and nervous about. This could easily consume all my time in the summer, but I’ll also be playing several other roles. So, I’m excited about the challenge, excited to connect with families and looking forward to building this from scratch.

Now, the real challenge: maintaining Letters for Lindsay in the midst of camp (if you’ve never worked camp, all you need to understand is there’s no time to sit on a computer) has already been a concern of mine. Now, how do I maintain two blogs and a camp Twitter account while being plugged into the day to day of summer? This is the task I’m excited to manage.

We shall see,

No social media expert but because I’m young I think I’ve become one around here

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