Letter #190: Leadership Weekend

April 8, 2011

Dear Leadership Weekend,

It seems like just yesterday I was packing my twin sheets, running shorts and fan (yes, a fan is a must have for me at camp…probably more important than clean clothes to be honest!) closing up summer 2010. Yet, yesterday K-West’s leadership team arrived, and today we officially commence you.

You are the one weekend before camp where the leadership teams of each camp are able to get heads together, cast vision and make some serious plans for the summer. You are also one of my favorite reunions of the year. You’re a time I get to laugh, brainstorm, catch up and execute with my co-workers for three months out of the year…best part of this is, they also happen to be dear friends! You also allow me to see all my friends from other camps as well. I sure am thankful for you.

Yesterday entailed a ton of play. Today, we get down to business and have a blast in the process. You are a vital weekend concerning the effectiveness of our summer. Actually, the Lord determines the effectiveness of our summer, but I firmly believe we must put feet to that. You are our opportunity to get our feet under us before mid-May when staff and campers are pounding on the door to let their summers begin.

If you care about the ministry of Kanakuk, about kids hearing the Gospel, about dynamic Christian leaders being developed, then I would ask you to pray over this weekend. Lord, give us direction. Unify us. Let everything we do bring glory to You. Develop men and women to lead and have character like You. Allow our ideas to become cohesive. Prepare us for another summer whether it’s our 1st or 30th time. Give us new desire, passion and excitement. Most importantly, lead us. Be at the helm of our ship.

May we laugh a ton and accomplish even more while being ignited in our faith,

Lover of you


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