Letter #191: Second April Saturday

April 9, 2011


***Letter #2 to the people of Nepal: the second April Saturday highlights Alissa’s first journey from Katmandu to other parts of Nepal. It highlight a woman who was so captivated by the Lord that she walks along cliffs for an hour to attend church and have fellowship. I continue to be challenged by the faith of the people of Nepal. Read here for a further explanation of April Saturdays and here to read Letter #1.

Dear Solu,

The memory of your mountains will never fade from my mind as I first encountered them from the view of a rickety airplane held together with little more than duct tape. The jagged rock faces and the rushing rivers below beckoned me into an unknown world I couldn’t wait to explore. Though dark clouds gathered as the monsoon season continued, there was light in all different corners of every village, as believers welcomed us into their homes. You bring my heart great joy for the love and kindness you have shown to God’s people as truth continues to go out from one village to the next. But more than anything you gave me a day of victory. Through teaching them about baptism to watching seven others get baptized, these villages will always be a home to me. Though the Lord’s detours took me away from you sooner than I had hoped, I captured your spirit in the faces of your people with the lenses of my camera. I shall keep my promise and your faces will forever remind me to never stop telling your story and your struggle.

To the churches of Solu, I pray for you as you continue to grow and spread throughout the land. I pray for persistence as you live and speak truth into the lives of others. I am encouraged by you daily because of your faithfulness to the Gospel which radiates from your hearts. To my brothers and sisters in Christ around the world, pray for the diligence of these people and that they may be an example of perseverance to those struggling around the world. To my blind Nepali sister in Christ, I thank the Lord for your testimony daily. I praise God for casting the demon out of you, for drawing you to Himself and for purifying you with his blood. You represent your people with a humility and grace about you that can little be explained. May the Lord guide you weekly on your solitary one-hour walk on the sides of steep cliffs just for a few hours of worship and fellowship. I pray you never give up meeting together. And for the Sherpa’s who reside in the Solu, I pray that you would cast down your idols, and see the testimony of others who live around you. That you would no longer hope the universe heard your prayers but know they were heard by your Creator. I pray for truth to penetrate your minds, your hearts and your souls. This is my prayer, this is my plea…join me at the Father’s feet.



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