Letter #192: Camp’s Exhausting

April 10, 2011

Dear camp,

I sure am excited for you, but I’m nowhere close to being ready for you to start. We have LOTS of work to do between now and May 20th. Never fear, I’ve already started a list. Leadership weekend ends today. This means great conversation, fellowship and planning have taken place. It also means I get to put feet to the things discussed.

Besides all the loose ends we need to tie up, I’m also not ready for your pace and schedule. We’ve only been going nonstop for three days this weekend, and I’m exhausted. You’re 92ish days long. I’ll definitely be ready…eh, I don’t think anyone’s ever ready for your pace…in May, but I have some stamina to build up between now and then. I’m also not ready for your food. It’s good (most of the time), but it’s just so unhealthy. We had a small glimpse into you this weekend…another subject for another day!

As much as I’m thankful for five more weeks to prepare for you, I’m also grateful for the team that gets to do you together. It’s always fun to catch up and start rolling together on this weekend, then to see the unity formed and plans unveiled as the summer unfolds. We’re looking forward to you this summer, but may we plan diligently between now and then.

Humbled by and grateful for you,

Exhausted camp girl


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