Letter #193: The Masters

April 11, 2011

Dear Masters,

You’re the largest golf event of the year, and you happened this weekend. I’m not a big golf fan, but you sure were nice to nap to this afternoon! You involve such an interesting sport. No need for teamwork, as long as the skill set is there it’s a complete head game and momentum can change in a matter of seconds. These aspects of your game fascinate me, but I have too many other interests I’d rather invest in.

Look out Tiger!

However, the K-West Leadership Team had our own version of you this weekend at Branson’s finest dinosaur putt-putt course. It was definitely our own version. Teams were involved…my partner being none other than Ward Wiebe! We broke up into four teams and even had some hole in ones along the way. I even hit one…as far as I can remember, it’s my first one ever!!! Word on the street is that the World Championship of Putt-Putt is coming to Branson soon…I probably need to join the tour. 🙂

Luke, Kara, Lauryn, Ward and Tyler

Taylor, Beth Ann, Renee and JD

Bronwyn (and up and coming baby!), Colton, Hunter, Carter, Todd and Connor

Allison playing by a little bit different rules than the rest of us!

You and Leadership Weekend have both come to an end. Our version of you allowed unity and fun to bring the team closer together to open up the summer at K-West with a bang. This team is hilarious, fun and gifted (thankfully, in ways other than golf looking at some of the scores!), and I’m excited to work with them for the summer.

Who needs you when we have our own K-West putt-putt version?!

Potential Professional Putt-Putter


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