Letter #196: ‘The Consequence Game’

April 14, 2011

Dear consequences,

You are easily one of my favorite things in the entire world. Many of you are trying to figure out what this even means. Basically, anytime competition’s present, you’re implemented. Playing putt-putt? Loser has one of you. Game of HORSE? Loser must fulfill you. Any event where there’s a winner and loser present, you are able to surface.

Adding you creates more excitement, importance and fun in situations. You create hilarity when you have to be executed. An important rule to ‘The Consequence Game’ is you must be decided before the event begins. This way, everyone knows the stakes on the line. Every party must agree to accept you upon their demise, then, and only then, the game can commence.

So, I have to brag on myself. ‘The Consequence Game’ ran rampant during my year at the Kanakuk Institute. Any opportunity for you to show up, you were present. My friends and I had no mercy on the severity of what you would be. Sitting front row for 40 solid hours of class (this may have been the roughest one because I’ve never been a front row sitter). Wearing the same outfit to class for an entire week. Couldn’t wash hair for three days. Hosting a private dinner for a boy of the group’s choosing. I’m dying of laughter just thinking about these happening. Through the course of an entire year, I never lost one of your games. This weekend, I finally reached the end of my string of luck.

K-West Leadership Weekend always results in the card game, 99, taking place. The loser traditionally has to fulfill the leadership team’s choice of you. This year, we created a ‘Cauldron of Consequences.’ I was blown away by the creativity of our team. The game began, and I was out of my element. Typically, I’m detail-oriented. For some reason, I was highly distracted. All that to say, I lost, which resulted in me drawing from the cauldron. Here is the ridiculous sequence of events:

SO nervous...

Shock and awe...

Dying at the thought of fulfilling what I just read...

My 'cauldron' draw...

Last minute rules and prep...

Game On...diving head first into my consequence!

The K-West Team getting a kick out of my humiliation...

I had to go to the Cooper’s house, in the middle of their K-1 meetings, interrupt and share the Gospel. This sounds awful and blasphemous but know this was approached with tact and every person present was a believer. I found as many props as possible including an Evangicube and took the ‘Preacher Bob,’ fire and brimstone route. Embarrassing…absolutely. Hilarious…you better believe it.

Liven up your day and introduce ‘The Consequence Game’ at your place of business, in your marriage, among your friends. I promise, it will not disappoint.

Laughing hysterically replaying many of you in my head,

Lover of ‘The Consequence Game’


One comment

  1. did i invent that game?

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