Letter #197: Branson Favorites?!

April 15, 2011

Dear anyone with any knowledge about Branson,

The weekend after Easter, one of my best friends from college is making her debut to Shady B for a very overdue visit! I couldn’t be more excited about reminiscing, laughing uncontrollably, conquering the problems of life (or at least thinking we have!) and simply pretending to be the carefree, college roommates we once were.

In the midst of catching up, I’ve been charged with giving her the best ‘Branson’ experience imaginable. Let’s be honest, she’s heard stories of the “Christian Vegas” and the “Hillbilly Hotspot” for six years now. She needs a state of the art Shady B experience. Plus, I’m trying to get her to move here eventually, so all the stops have to come out!! J

This is where you come in. Where would you say are the must eats? Danna’s? Sugar Leaf? What are must see attractions? Silver Dollar City? Six? The Dixie? Tanger? The Landing? The weekend’s going to be a hit with or without any of these places, but it will be SO much more exciting to hear your feedback to create the best Branson weekend possible.

HELP…your input is valued and appreciated,

Bransonite looking for a bit of assistance

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  1. For sure Dixie and Andy,s!

  2. clockers, six, landing fire show (a must see), dannas, blueberry farm (would be a good taste of AMAZINGNESS), dogwood canyon?, vintage paris, SIX (best show in branson), dixie for a hilarious experience… i miss branson just thinkin about it! 🙂

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