Letter #198: Third April Saturday

April 16, 2011

***Letter #3 to the people of Nepal: if you remember, my friend, Alissa, is guest blogging through April Saturdays. Read here, here and here for more details and click this picture to enlarge…she’s a phenomenal photographer. During her second journey, a horse broke her ribs, she met a man bit by a viper who lived longer than any man should and encountered areas of Nepal where people were supposed to have never heard the name of Jesus before. She discovered entire villages of believers. God is good!

Dear Langtang,

The trials you brought me were great, but the reward was better than I could have imagined. Though starting out rocky with a 13-hour bus ride (on the top of the bus) and a painful first day up the mountain, you brought me to Gatlang. How joyous it was to see the work of the Lord in a place that was thought to be so covered in darkness, light may not even exist. But you proved the world wrong as the Lord sent men to heal in the name of Jesus so that whole villages were redeemed. You reminded me that the Lord is working in places we didn’t even know, and it makes me wonder how far truth has really penetrated the deep crevasses of our world. You shared with me a servant minded people group, deep gorges and waterfalls, eccentric travelers, and a 360 degree view of some of the largest mountains in the world. Yet through all trials and hurts that came my way, even horse attacks and broken ribs, your land brought excitement and hope at a time when the darkness was making me weary and my travels were making me weak.

To the churches of Langtang, I pray that you continue to carry out the great commission as you have so faithfully done for the past 35 years. I pray that you no longer rely on your old Buddhist traditions to make money but that your work would be a testament to the lost around you. To my brother and sisters in Christ around the world, pray for strength and firm standing as false teachings threaten to destroy those of faith. Pray the devils schemes would have no stronghold in this place and that the body of believers would remain united and steadfast. To my friend bitten by a viper, I pray that the Lord spared your life since I last saw you. I pray that you recovered by the healing power of the Lord since no medical care was available within a 4-day walk and that through His physical healing you would be saved. Your life can have a great impact for the kingdom here and your children long for you to speak truth into their lives. And to the Tamong people of Langtang, I pray that money would no longer have power over you, that your truth would not be found in worldly things or in family duty but would be found in the one true God who beckons you into his arms. This is my prayer, this is my plea…join me at the Father’s feet.



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