Letter #200: Silver Dollar City

April 18, 2011

Dear Silver Dollar City,

You are fun! I remember going to you once as a kid, but I have had the opportunity to visit you five or six times in the last two years. Living in Branson is an interesting  anomaly, but one of the perks is getting local discounts! You have phenomenal deals for your community members and for that I’m thankful.

I don’t know the history of you and I really don’t need to, but I do know your marketing scheme is genius. You attract every age to come be part of the excitement in the city. It’s honestly brilliant. The old people love the shows, shops and food you provide. Rides, play areas and food entertain the young ones. People my age love you, and parents love that they can enjoy things right alongside their kids and their parents. You have done a wise job of developing over the years.

Mack and Dru Dolloff measuring for the kiddie roller coaster...fun for all ages!

Leadership Weekend adventures at SDC!

Silver City Saloon girl turned out to be an elementary school friend!

You also create different experiences for your customers based on time of year. You just finished ‘Worldfest’ where you bring people from all over the world to perform in the shows…the Russian circus, Trinidad fire and limbo dancers, Austrian yodelers. Buildings transform into ‘Tastes of the World,’ and you can choose what ethnicity of food you want to eat. The entire park is decorated in flags, and everywhere you look a various culture is highlighted. This was my first ‘Worldfest’ experience, and I can’t wait to visit again!

SDC with a hint of Worldfest!

Trinidad people limboing under fire...impressive!

My favorite time to visit you is probably Christmas. You shower the entire park with four million lights, completely transform shows into the holiday spirit and Christmas cheer abounds. This is a must-see during the holidays…get your rears to Branson people!

Picture with the saloon girls after the show...duh!

Riding the swings in the children's area waiting for the nighttime train ride through the lights!

I’m a huge fan of you. You epitomize the Branson experience, and I honestly appreciate you’re part of my town. How many people get to go to an amusement park whenever they want?! As neat as you are, you seem to do things right as well. Your employees are kind. Your park is clean. Your material is appropriate for any age. Thanks for being a great part of the Branson community!

Love the experience you provide,

Advocate of the SDC


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