Letter #209: Minor Surgery

April 27, 2011

Dear ingrown toenails,

You’ve caused great havoc in my life…ok, this statement is a bit a dramatic, but only a bit. You’re gross, and every time I have to explain you to someone I get a look of disgust. Supposedly you’re genetic, and there’s not much I can control in whether or not I get you, but you’re still gross.

Last week, I mentioned I had to get minor surgery. Well friends, this is why. Little known fact about me…I get ingrown toenails. Judge me, but I promise I’m still nice and fun to be around! My toes have been experiencing some pretty solid pain for the past month or two, and I had to get this taken care of before summer. As Mama Roth put it, I had infection running through my body and could get severely ill if I didn’t take care of them.

So, I began a month long process of scheduling appointments to get you cut out. What is an ingrown toenail? Well, basically it means the nail grows into the skin as it grows normally. This causes great pain, inflammation, infection, etc. I had you cut out at some point in college, but unfortunately you grew back in. This time, my doctor put acid along the edge of my nail that’s supposed to never allow it to grow back. We shall see.

All this being said, last Thursday I went to a podiatrist in Edmond to rid me of you. Dr. Walker and his nurse were the nicest, most gentle (caused zero pain!), friendly people imaginable. I am thankful for them. I watched the entire procedure…and took pictures! I wanted to see what these suckers were that were capable of causing me so much pain in such a small area. He numbed my toes, so I couldn’t feel a thing. He told me if I could feel, I’d be screaming bloody murder. Thank you anesthetic!

***Disclaimer: semi-graphic pictures below!

Blurry, but this is when it was infected. If you look closely, it's inflamed and puffy.


The first one after getting cut out with my tourniquet.

Please note how fat my toe is from the anesthetic shots!

After cutting with a scissors, he used this knife to cut the nail all the way to the nail bed.

The best shot of the day...mid yank to get that sucker out!

He kept asking me if I was sure I was alright. I couldn’t feel anything, so of course, I was fine! He complimented my toughness and said he has grown men and police officers ball like babies during this procedure. I don’t know why, you can’t feel anything!

As he was cutting you out, we chatted OSU (he’s a fellow alum), Stillwater, Kanakuk (old camper!), LifeChurch and the fact that my feet aren’t disgusting. He informed me you are actually very common. YES!!!

You are gone, and my feet feel SO much better! They still have to heal up and I have to take good care of them so they don’t get infected, but they’re SO much better than they were! Plus, now I know I’m not as gross as I thought I was…lots of people get you! Welcome to my world the past few days!

Grateful for podiatrists,

Happy toenails

One comment

  1. oh girl… not to one up you or anything (who wants to be THAT girl?) but i just had my big toe on my left foot totally REMOVED. i’ll have to email you pics 🙂 it was disgusting, same thing though- shots to numb (6 to be exact… freakin high pain tolerance & too much meds to take to numb!), cut the whole thing off, bled like a banchee for 2 days, had to go BACK to get the bandage off cuz the dried blood made it stick to the nail bed, and now… no nail. but my skin IS painted… don’t worry. 🙂 hahahaha. oh roth! i love your adventures!

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