Letter #211: Branson Flood

April 29, 2011

Dear flooding,

I’ve never seen you happen before my own eyes. Oklahoma doesn’t do you the way Missouri does you. Not to mention, I think I have a better grasp on the whole Noah and the flood incident.

After it rained for four consecutive days in Branson and surrounding areas, you were inevitable. Lake levels continued to rise, lakefront communities evacuated and dams were opened. Opening the dams is going to help in the long run, but right now, it’s causing communities to flood. I don’t really understand Missouri geography, but there is a series of lakes that feed into Table Rock Lake which feeds into Taneycomo which runs along the Branson Landing and K-1, K-Kountry and K-Kauai. Basically, there’s so much water that even opening the dams doesn’t allow it to move fast enough.

The lower fields at the three Branson Kamps are underwater, homes are completely under water and Table Rock Dam is more open than it has ever been. It’s crazy that Texas and Oklahoma are begging for rain, and we can’t figure out what to do with all our water. Here are some pictures of the craziness.

This is from the K-Kountry bridge...that is Lakeshore, the road to Kamp and my house.

Foreground: K-Kountry tennis courts. Background: K-Kountry basketball courts. 10 foot goals=6 or 7 feet of water.

K-Kountry campout and in the background you can see the dock. All the way to the dock is normally land.

Table Rock Dam with gates 80% open. More than it's ever been opened before.

Taneycomo right below the dam...it seriously looked like we were in a movie.

This is normally a road. Note the mailboxes in the middle of the lake.

Two story houses underwater.

The Branson Landing...yes, that's the fire show sticks underwater.

The K-West dock...we aren't having nearly as much flooding as the Branson camps, but that's a ton of extra water people.

Noah, the musical here in Branson, has more street cred than ever,

Flood survivor


One comment

  1. oh no! poor k-kountry is overtaken by the floods again?!? same thing happened three years ago when the pipes burst and pretty mush broke lakeshore dr…but not this bad!! 😦 sad day!
    also: this flooding is CRAZY!

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