Letter #212: Final April Saturday

April 30, 2011

***Letter #4 to the people of Nepal: This is my sweet friend Alissa’s last post. If you remember, she’s been guest blogging about her journeys in Nepal every Saturday this month. Read here, here, here and here for more of her posts. This is about her last of three journeys. She climbed to the base of Everest and nearly died in the process. Neat insight into the darkness surrounding this area of our world. As always, I’m encouraged and challenged by this post. Alissa, thanks for taking the time to guest post and bless myself and readers with your experiences. You’ve opened our eyes in ways you can’t even imagine.

Dear Khumbu,

Your mountains are foreboding and treacherous and those who are not careful, you claim their lives. Death rises from you at every turn as avalanches tumble, boulders dislodge from high places, and oxygen deprives human minds of the ability to reason clearly. To think of my time with you makes me shutter as I recall the spiritual warfare of my mind and the gripping physical death that followed me to 18,650 feet. Alone, you surely would have claimed my life but I had something you may not have expected, the power of the Lord. He carried me daily as altitude sickness and lack of sleep savagely torn into my being, as Satan and his demons filled my sleep with nightmares and my day with an unsettling mix of emotions. Perhaps I would have fallen if my feet were not standing firmly on the Father’s. The people see you as divine, Everest as your god, but you lie to those around you for I have been to the base of Everest and it is not shrouded in glory or joy but in loneliness, fear, death and rocks strewn along glaciers in piles. Your people have developed a hardness, adapted to the death that surrounds them and have given over to the lies the demons share. But you will not discourage me though darkness rules your land, for among you the Lord is faithfully planting lights.

To the only church in the Khumbu, I pray for your hearts, that they may not be discouraged by the darkness and death but may rejoice in your new life with Christ. I pray that you have the chance to truly live, to be an example to those around you, to be bold with your heart and remain obedient to the Lord, even if your consequence is physical death. To my brother and sisters in Christ around the world, pray for the faithful who can be counted on fingers. Pray the Lord would not allow them to be discarded one by one but that they would be built up and that the stronghold of Satan would be diminished in every village of this area. To Karma Tashi Sherpa, I pray for your witness and thank you for your hospitality and boldness. Though you may live far apart from any sort of community of believers, finish the race well and be faithful in the daily things. I pray that you take courage in the face of others threats and remain true to the gospel for which you have suffered for well. To the rest of the Khumbu, I pray a prayer of lament. I mourn for your hearts and your hopelessness. I pray that the Lord would recapture your nation, your people, your land and use you, the hardest hearted people of this nation, to start a revolution for His kingdom.  This is my prayer, this is my plea…join me at the Father’s feet.



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