Letter #216: ‘The Box’

May 4, 2011

Dear May 4th,

In exactly two weeks, I will be making my way to Lampe, Mo and K-West for the summer. You have marked my life, schedule, to-do lists and priorities with a bit more sense of urgency. How did May creep up on us so fast??

If you know Kanakuk, then you know it’s crunch time. If you don’t, imagine the two weeks before football or basketball season begins…excitement is building among players (campers and staff), plays are being drawn and practiced (thinking through the details of parties, schedules and basically playing out the summer to make sure things are going to work), last minute details are finalized (lifeguard and boat driver certifications, staff training week schedule, cabin assignments, etc.) and the coaches seem to be spending every possible second pouring into final preparations (the directors building is lively to say the least!). It’s almost time to say ‘Game On,’ but we have to tweak some details first.

I have a ton to do between you and May 18th, but as the realities of summer near, my excitement builds. Sometimes when I’m sitting in my office longing to be outside, I envision Allen Befort standing on a table in the dining hall with ‘the box.’ However, as he cups his hands to create ‘the box,’ this time it’s only for me. Every once in awhile ‘the box’ creaks open and a slight yell escapes me. Then, I regain composure, settle back into my grind and knock work out so we’re ready for staff and camper arrivals. Staff and kids are coming soon, and ‘the box’ can‘t contain them much longer!!!

So as I make staff training week cabin assignments, activity training groups, write the talks I’m giving to staff, discover what the heck being the ‘social media director’ means and everything else the next two weeks will entail, I have to come back to ‘the box.’ K-West’s staff, then a little later K-West’s campers, make up ‘the box.’ ‘The box’ is why I do this. My lists of tasks must get done, but I can’t lose sight of the reason I’m doing it. If I lose sight of why I’m doing these things, then I’m just doing them. If my vision remains, my work has purpose. Kanakuk’s mission statement is ‘developing dynamic Christian leaders through life-changing experiences, Godly relationships and spiritual training.’ If everything I do points back to this, then the Gospel will be proclaimed, leaders developed and fun will be had.

‘The box’ is coming! I can’t wait, but I sure am thankful for the next two weeks! By the way, starting in two weeks, I’m going to be a bit difficult to get ahold of…enjoy the next two weeks of me!

Where did the Spring go??

Lover of Lampe


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