Letter #218: Upcoming New Look

May 6, 2011

Dear blog,

You are getting a facelift! You have been blue with an unidentifiable header for long enough. When I decided to embark upon this blogging endeavor at the end of September, I threw a pre-set WordPress site together and started writing. 218 days later, I’m still writing.

So, with the help of a dear friend, you are being rebuilt. You are being redesigned and formatted, and you will be navigated differently. I’m pretty elementary, if not preschool, in my understanding of your world. Thankfully, I’ve had help. So in my spare time, which considering it’s May and camp is coming is limited, I tweak you. Change picture sizes, write an about post, etc.

I can’t wait to release you! However, good things are worth waiting for! My goal is to launch the new you before I move to camp. With that being said, I have a ton of work to do. I know I’ve peaked my readers interest and built unbearable anticipation. I apologize for getting your hopes up and forcing you to wait even longer. Hey, you’ve made it this long with the questionable blue header, you can make it a little longer!

Looking forward to Letters for Lindsay’s new look,

Thankful for smart, willing friends

{photo attribution}


One comment

  1. I like the header BLOG in the industrial letters. I’d use that as a header!

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