Letter #219: Two Years Ago…

May 7, 2011

Dear graduation,

Two years ago, I was in the midst of celebrating you. My goodness, it’s hard for me to believe you were two years ago. Seriously, where have two whole years gone?? As I think about all the people I know who are partaking in you today, I can’t help but think back to you in my life. I just looked through pictures from my senior year…wow! I laughed the whole time!

Vanessa, Bria, Caitlin and I in the fountain in front of the library!

I can’t help but shake how clueless I was…heck, I still am. I’m blown away by how much has happened in my life in just two years, but I’m also amazed how quickly time flies. I laugh at the memories, am grateful for the lessons learned and mistakes made and dearly love the people who made those four years great.

Some of my pledge sisters in front of the Kappa Delta!

You are an exciting day. A day to be proud. A day to remember all that’s been learned (interestingly, the majority of it outside the classroom). A day to dream of the next step. As exciting as you are, in the next breath, you are scary. You present unknown territory. You entail responsibility like never before. You result in friends dispersing across the country. There aren’t many events in life capable of creating both sets of emotions. You are one of them.

Congratulations 2011 graduates! Enjoy the excitement and embrace the fear that comes along with this day.

2009 Oklahoma State University Graduate


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