Letter #221: T-shirts Galore

May 9, 2011

Dear t-shirts,

How one individual can acquire as many of you as I have over the years, I’m not sure I’ll ever know! I do have one answer…being in a sorority. Good night, there’s a shirt for everything. Bid Days, Date Parties, Mom’s and Dad’ Days, Football Frenzy jerseys, Big/Little. Four years of that and the piles add up. Wonder what the expense of you was through college?!

Eh, I’m glad I bought you though. You provided a pretty hefty portion of my wardrobe for years! By the way, the appropriate lifespan of you when involving sorority land is one year post active membership. Sorority shirts get 5th year status! This is my unwritten rule of fashion, but really who wants to see a 28 year old running in her Chi-O formal long sleeve or watch 30 year old moms use the shoulder of their 2003 Pi Phi Bid Day shirt as a burp rag. There’s a time and a place for you…when the time’s up, let it go.

So what does one do when her age outgrows the events on you??? Keep wearing them? No way…don’t be that girl. Get rid of them? Absolutely not…too many memories. Store them in a box? Eh, takes too much space. So, what does one do? The answer…have a really awesome aunt like me who will chop you up and turn you into a quilt. A quite comfortable quilt might I add…it’s made out of all of you I’d worn in throughout college!

After my ‘5th year’ of wearing you, it was time to separate. So, I made three stacks. The first were the shirts most important to me. The non-negotiables if you will. The second was the pile I’d really like to see in it. The third stack was if there was room. The misfits. My only instruction was I’d like as many of you used as possible. She took my instruction seriously and made it two-sided! I tried to count, and I think she used about 50 of my shirts (if you notice, several of them she used both sides!). Craziest part…she gave me an entire stack back, but the result couldn’t have been more perfect.

Graduates. Friends. Sorority girls. I know you’ve been wondering what to do with all your philanthropy, function and homecoming shirts. Well, I think I’ve solved your problem with a useful alternative. Aunt MaryAnn, thanks SO much…I LOVE it!

Here’s to my Kappa Delta memories being in one place,

Thankful for the times at 220 S. Cleveland


One comment

  1. Such a great idea! My grandmother made a quilt out of t shirts from marathons for her son. Such a great way to make use of the shirts and keep the memories!

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