Letter #223: Summer Surprise

May 11, 2011

Dear summer,

You just got WAY more interesting. Yesterday I found out some unbelievably surprising news. Several weeks ago, I wrote about my summer adventure of being K-West’s social media director here. I still wonder daily what I’ve gotten myself into.

I’m still overwhelmed by how I’m going to manage the K-West blog, Letters for Lindsay, K-West’s Twitter, my Twitter and you know, my actual job. I’m also excited about this new challenge in my world.

Since I’ve been dubbed the social media director, I’ve been cracking jokes about needing to carry my phone all summer so I can tweet it up. Social media’s all about being in the moment…it’s tough to argue my thought process 🙂 For real though, it only made perfect sense for me to be able to snap a picture and tweet it immediately.

So, I’ve been processing little by little how I’m going to conquer the daunting black hole that is social media, and to be quite honest haven’t come to any groundbreaking decisions. People, if you have suggestions of what you’d like to see on the blog or read about in a tweet or what a camper’s parent would like to see and read, let me know.

I have some thoughts of what you could be like. I’ve been creatively thinking of ways to introduce material, but today my idea of what you were going to look like in this area was rocked. I’ll be playing several different roles during this you, but I had no idea one of them would be iPad operator!!!! Today, I discovered each camp’s social media director is being issued an iPad to make the transition from live to web easiest. This is the craziest news I think I’ve heard in my days at camp.

Props to our marketing department for getting us up to speed with the world in this area. Props to camp for taking a step to make this social media endeavor the best it can be. Props to live pictures hopefully popping up often on the K-West blog and Twitter.

Lastly, please don’t hate me as I’m walking around camp with this link to the world while everyone else is snail mailing their family and friends. I promise I’m using it for camp purposes and not Angry Birds and Facebook.

Hoping Lampe gets 3G,

Soon to be iPad user

{photo attribution}


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