Letter #224: Yesterday’s Misery

May 12, 2011

Dear yesterday,

You had the potential to be the worst day of my life. After already driving to Springfield on Monday to get my car ‘fixed’ to no avail, I had to go back. I was warned it would be at least six hours. To make it even more frustrating, I purposely got my car fixed over Easter break while in Oklahoma so I’d be set for summer. Obviously, this plan didn’t work.

The rack and pinion on my power steering was broken and leaking power steering fluid (who knew this stuff even existed?!) which led to a $640 repair (shoot me in the face). After driving back to Branson, my ‘extensive knowledge’ of cars led me to discover it was still leaking. So, I’d add fluid constantly to prevent the pump (I sound knowledgable…I’m not, but I do know if it breaks it equals thousands of dollars of damage) from breaking. Thankfully, my Oklahoma repairs’ warranty were good in Missouri, but only in Springfield. Cue, my Monday.

After discovering the issue and informing me they didn’t have the parts, I scheduled my Wednesday appointment. This brings me back to you. I departed for my day of waiting around on other people to fix things super early. Interestingly enough, if you remember from previous posts (here and here), I also had ingrown toenails cut out over Easter. I got two sides of my big toes taken care of but had never had issues with the other two sides. Of course, the week after surgery the other side starts giving me trouble. To avoid further annoyance, pain and infection in my life, I got the other two sides cut out yesterday. Thankfully, a podiatrist in Springfield had an opening for you too.

So, my day began with another minor surgery on my toes. Great experience, or I guess as good as having shots and scalpels shoved in your toe can be! Next, Firestone. My new home away from home. Seriously, between Monday and you, I got more work done in their lobby than my office this week. I posted up, connected to some wi-fi and pounded out summer stuff. I even walked over to the mall for lunch and had my first Hu-Hot experience!

All this being said, you could’ve been awful. Seriously, who wants to drive 45 minutes, have minor surgery and sit stranded in an auto shop to then drive another 45 minutes home. All while missing a day in the office during the busiest time of the year for me. However, I was determined to make the most of this. I set out with an attitude to have the best day I’ve ever had. My customer service at Firestone, the podiatrist and Hu-Hot: unbelievable. My productivity: off the charts. My interactions with people: enjoyable.

You could’ve been miserable and turned out being awesome. Why? I believe a big part of it stems from my attitude going into you.

Perspective and attitude affect more than we realize,

Reminding myself to approach life like this more often

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