Letter #227: Personal Summer

May 15, 2011

Dear self,

In preparation for the next three months of our life, our weekend has consisted of a calm before the storm. In three days our life is going to look 100% different. This isn’t a complaint in the least, simply a statement. May 18th marks the beginning of summer for us. The beginning of summer marks camp and moving to Lampe. Lampe means K-West. K-West equals Staff Training Week. Staff Training Weeks means staff and then campers. Staff and campers equal opportunity to share the Gospel and point people to the foot of the cross.

Staff and campers also mean being surrounded by people almost constantly. This is one of our favorite parts of camp, but it’s also exhausting. Therefore, this weekend has consisted of lots of solitude. Generally, we’re wired to be with people often, but we also need time alone.

Not to mention, Friday night during the Thunder game it finally hit us we needed to personally prepare for summer. Purchasing the essentials: deodorant, socks…who are we kidding, we’ve been doing this long enough our purchasing doesn’t include much out of the ordinary. Printing new pictures to decorate our office…boys, you wouldn’t understand! Packing…this is a struggle for us considering we live within driving distance of camp…Nothing seems nearly as pressing!

So, we began. The process opened our eyes to the fact that we’ve been so focused on preparing the entire summer and K-West as a whole that we forgot to put ourself into the equation. Legitimately, a huge chunk of ‘camp supplies’ are in Oklahoma still and this never crossed our mind over Easter. Schedules, talk assignments, proposals for change, conversations with staff, meetings, party planning. Our days are inundated with camp, but not specific to us. Not that it’s about us, but to some degree it has to be.

If we don’t have any clothes to wear, well camp is going to be scarred for life. If we’re not individually prepared, then we’ll never be what camp needs. Well, let’s be honest, camp doesn’t need us at all. You know what I mean!

Bigger than packing lists and hygiene products, individually we haven’t taken much time to prepare. We’ve prayed often for our staff, campers, safety, Christ to be at the helm of the summer, but we haven’t prayed much for us on a personal level. We need just as much, heck more, work as our campers and staff.

God, personally prepare us for this summer. Humble us. Teach us to lead. Break us down so we can built back up in You. Reveal Your truth in our life. Bring our sin to the surface. Draw us closer to You.

In the scheme of life, camp has value, but our individual walks with the Lord have more. It’s easy to forget that.

Personally preparing for summer (and hoping for a Thunder Game 7 win),

Camp packer


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