Letter #228: Survivor Exists?!

May 16, 2011

Dear Survivor,

Who knew you were even still on TV?! I remember watching season one going into the 8th grade in 2000…Eleven years ago. All I remember was the winner, Richard Hatch needed to wear clothes and that I was in love with Colby Donaldson.

Enough reminiscing you. Why am I writing you after 11 years? Well, my dear friends, Chris and Lauren, are huge fans of your season 22, Redemption Island. For the past three months, they’ve been watching episodes online the next day because they’ve opted to not have cable. After an extensive conversation one evening about the show, my interest was peaked again and I committed to a finale watch party at my house.

My interest was aroused by Lauren and Chris’ description of two characters. Matt, a med student and bold believer, and Mike, an Iraq veteran and inquisitive seeker. I happened to be home the third to last episode and caught part of you. I was hooked like I was back in the 8th grade. The last two episodes I watched with Lauren and Chris, and we’re now making plans for season 23 in the fall!

Side note, I’m in need of one of your ‘buffs.’ Well, I actually don’t care if it’s yours or not, I just need one. I’m in need of a headpiece for the summer, and I’ve decided on a buff…any suggestions where I could find one quickly or does anyone happen to have one lying around?! This is serious people!

First of all, watching this makes me want to apply to be on a reality show. I’m not sure I’m interesting enough to be selected, but it’d definitely be a blog-worthy experience! Amazing Race, You, The Bachelorette…hahahaha, take a moment and imagine me as the Bachelorette!!!! Regather yourselves people! Seriously, I think it’d be a fun, eye-opening, once in a lifetime experience. Lauren’s convinced I need to be on you and has volunteered Chris to make my video…you never know!

Secondly, you had me scheming like crazy. I kept trying to analyze how I would play. By the time I shot a hole in all my ideas, I came to the conclusion there is no good way to play you. Is winning the game or maintaining integrity more important? Giving someone your word only to blindside them or lasting another day?

Lastly, you opened my eyes. Life sure has a funny way of teaching me lessons…even while watching a mindless reality show. The Lord can use our walks with Him to open hearts to Him in any circumstance. Matt openly sought the Lord during his time in the game. Honestly, the episodes I saw, I was shocked how bold he was and that more wasn’t edited out. He quoted Scripture, prayed in Jesus’ name and openly shared his faith with others. At the end of it all, the Minor’s and I believe Matt led Mike to the Lord. We believe he became a Christian. Not to mention, how ever many people watch you these days watched a young man boldly proclaim his faith in Christ.

May the Lord continue to cultivate the seed planted during season 22 of this show and teach me to be bold in my faith,

Wanna-be reality star

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  1. You can bid on Survivor memorabilia on ebay, I believe.

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