Letter #230: Mail Time!

May 18, 2011

Dear mail,

When I was a kid, I always liked to pick you up from the mailbox on my way home from school. I’m not really sure why considering 364 days out of the year I never got anything and the 365th was my birthday with a card from my grandparents. In high school, you got a little more exciting because sometimes I’d get mail from colleges who said they wanted me…it’s always fun to feel wanted. Oh, and Christmas time was always the best because of Christmas cards!

Then I went to college, and well basically you were nonexistent. Every once in awhile I’d get a card from Mom, but for the most part you weren’t a big part of my Stillwater experience. It wasn’t until my first summer I worked for Kanakuk, summer after my freshman year at OSU, that I had a true appreciation for you.

For the first time in my life, I was completely removed from everything and everyone I’d ever known. OK, a little bit of a drastic statement, but I was in a new state and kind of knew one person that I worked with. Cell phone and internet weren’t part of camp except on days off. They still aren’t. So, there I was living in the middle of Lampe, MO and had one stable way of communication outside the gates of K-West…letters. Maybe that’s where my knack of writing letters started?!

Going into my sixth summer, things haven’t changed. You are still probably more valuable than gold at camp. As lunchtime rolls around, there’s always a little question mark of whether or not your mailbox will bring joy or disappointment. When it’s empty, there’s a second of sadness then you move on and don’t think about it again…especially after doing this for six summers. When it’s full, there’s anticipation, excitement, contact with the real world! Questions begin flowing through your mind…who could you be from? When am I going to have time to read you…eh, I’m making time right now!

You bring great joy to the Kanakuk world; you’ve also taught me great patience. My day doesn’t depend on you. You don’t get to determine whether I have a good or hard day. However, you do get to bring a spark of happiness when you do come through. You’ve become one of my favorite ways to communicate if not my number one. You offer sincerity, effort, forethought, and the truth of the matter…there’s just nothing quite like a hand-written note.

Today I remind you, my address is changing for the summer. So, if you just happen to need to visit me, I’m now at 793 K-West Drive Lampe, MO 65681.

Hoping to see a lot of you in the next three months!

Official Lampe dweller and mail lover


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