Letter #231: Hospitable Hostess

May 19, 2011

Dear hospitality,

The more I’m surrounded by you, the more I hope to be you in the verb form. I am humbled by people’s willingness to open their homes and provide you in my life. Time and time again, I’m invited to share a meal with a family, offered a place to stay on a day off from camp and given suggestions of ways to bargain shop and repair things in life.

Because of you, so many families and their homes have become home away from homes for me. If you’re new to reading, my family rocks. Spending time with them is easily in my top three favorite things to do, but I live five hours away. So “home” with my family isn’t possible very often.  Mom, Dad, Jamie and Dana, never fear, you haven’t been replaced, but know your baby girl and little sis is being taken good care of around these parts.

Of course I witnessed you on trail when I was traveling the country recruiting staff for this summer. People I had never met in my life were opening their homes and bringing out all their best with it. I sure was thankful for them, but in our culture you are expected in those settings. What I’ve been amazed with is how you are constant in so many of my daily connections. You are easy to wear out. Nobody wants to do something forever. It gets boring and time to switch to the next best thing, but these people are faithful.

‘Lindsay, I know you’re trying to eat healthier so I bought and cut up extra fruit for you to take home with you.’ ‘Lindsay, I know you love the Thunder; why don’t you come watch the game on our big screen and have dinner and do your laundry while you’re at it.’ ‘Linds, I know your car needs fixed…how can we help? Need to borrow our car?’ ‘You’re moving to camp soon, so you probably don’t have much food left…here’s chicken for you to make.’ ‘Hey Lindsay, I know it’s cold out at camp right now, why don’t you come and hang out or sleep at our house so you don’t freeze. We’re just 15 minutes away.’

I’ve seen people do things that don’t make sense. I’ve witnessed more of you in the last year of my life than I ever imagined. Actually, I think I just understand and appreciate you more at 24 living in the real world than I did my first 23 years of life. Either way, I want to join your club. I long to be hospitable. I want to be armed with many tools in my toolbelt, and you’re one of them. I have been blessed in unimaginable ways, and I want to return the favor. Friends and family, thanks for teaching me about you and providing in neat ways.

Learning to be you on a low budget,

Hospitable hostess attempter

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One comment

  1. I want to join the club too. What a blessing it is to have hospitality surrounding you. I’ve witnessed it too and the Rother’s are typically at the top of the list.

    Love you Linds!

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