Letter #232: Rehabs

May 20, 2011

Dear rehab,

You were always something my parents hoped and prayed one of their kids didn’t end up in. When you become plural, you entail an entirely new meaning.

I don’t know how I often I vocalize this, but little known fact about me…I’d love to buy a ‘crappy’ house and completely flip it one day. There’s just something intriguing about starting something from the ground and seeing it through to the end. I also like the idea of knowing things are clean and the way I want them….but mostly that they are clean! Who knows, maybe once I know what city I’ll live in for more than small stints of my life, this could happen.

Anyway, back to you. What do you and flipping a house have in common? Well, a girl I work with has started a blog that is all things house flipping and DIY (do it yourself) projects. Together, her and her husband have successfully improved and updated their own home with some really neat projects, and they’ve also flipped an entire home that is now on the market. Jennifer and Lee have all sorts of insider tips to how to do things well and cheap…these are my kind of people!

If you’re remotely interested in home décor, renovation ideas, fun projects or anything else in that realm, this is a blog you need to check out. Click here to see why we love you!

Dreaming of flipping my own home one day,

Oddly, a lover of rehab

{photo attribution}

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