Letter #235: Staff Arrival

May 23, 2011

Dear clinics,

You begin today. Well, I guess you officially began yesterday afternoon and evening. This means my life was defined by today’s pictures…welcoming and signing in, entertaining and ‘playing with’ staff. About half our staff is in for you, and having people in camp is really fun.

Staff girls for this summer!

You have to love that night one involved a potential tornado and torrential rain. We always have to be on our toes! We sure are thankful we were spared, but we’re also praying for the devastation that occurred throughout Missouri.

Playing the game, fish bowl aka naked, during the storm!

You involve a whole bunch of specific training and today will include specialization in kayak, canoe, sail, dance, boat driving, cooking and ropes. Just for the record, I hate kayak, it scares me to death, and I have never been certified in it! Maybe I’ll overcome that fear this summer?! While you define the beginnings of camp, you also define the epitome of uncomfortable and awkward introductions. The majority of the people here know nobody and a big chunk have never experienced Kanakuk before. You provide an overwhelming sense of excitement and nervousness. It sure is fun to see you shake out the nerves in a matter of one day, but never fear, it all happens again tomorrow when full out staff training begins and the entire staff arrives!

Allison telling stories to entertain staff...she later fell after tripping over the napkin holder!

Looking forward to seeing nerves cease and personalities blossom,

Facilitator of you

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One comment

  1. Is it sad that I look at these pictures wishing I WAS THERE?!?!?! I truly miss being at kamp. Thanks Rother for giving the outside world these updates. So great to see what’s going on inside the wonderful world of K-West. Live it up this summer! The Certains are praying for you and kamp. Love you!

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