Letter #236: Queen of the Office

May 24, 2011

Dear desk,

I sure am thankful for you. I’ve learned many things about myself this year. I’ve learned how to pay bills, cook for myself, grocery shop, check power steering fluid in my car, interview college students for jobs and live on the road while packing lightly. One thing I’ve learned that I don’t think I anticipated is that I have the gift of administration more than I ever dreamed.

Ward Wiebe, my boss and camp director, has encouraged and allowed this gift to blossom this year. I’m not sure how, when or where he identified it, but he hasn’t let me forget it. Let’s be honest, it couldn’t have been that hard to recognize…I thrive off of lists, excel sheets and bulleted proposals of how I would change things! Ward’s also nicknamed me the ‘queen’ because of my chair (see above picture)! To my defense, it’s my chair from my office and at least my rear’s comfortable when I’m hanging out with you!

So this brings me back to you. I’m thankful for you because you allow me to balance my day with people and administration. Now, I have to be honest, you frustrate me at times too because I don’t get to choose the balance I want. You suck me in at times. You take me away from the most important thing in life: relationships. However mostly, I love our balanced relationship.

Family, friends, random readers, here’s a glimpse into the next three months of my life. This is my oasis, my dungeon, my recharging station, my crossing off my to-do list area and sometimes my bearer of bad news. You serve many purposes in my world. Today, I’m thankful for you. Tomorrow, I’ll probably be dreading you. It’s fine. When it all shakes out, I’ll end up in your favor. You allow my gifting to be utilized and set me up for success. If I spend small increments of time with you throughout the day, then everything comes together so much smoother because things are in order. There’s purpose and direction. If I neglect you, my day feels like I’m floundering.

With all this being said, let’s hang out this summer. Help me remain alert, aware and one step ahead. Provide me with times of solitude and reflection. Give me grand opportunities to blog. Office desk, for you I am thankful.

Sitting comfortably this summer,

The ‘Queen’…of the chair

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