Letter #238: Showing Up

May 26, 2011

Dear daily blogging,

I’m not really even sure exactly why you began. I think I was just bored out of my mind in Branson and didn’t know what to do with my time! Just kidding, truthfully you emerged for a few reasons. The biggest was probably to keep track of my travels as I trekked around 13 states recruiting and interviewing staff for Kanakuk this summer. I knew my October through February were going to be nuts and feared lack of phone time to keep up with family and friends. You’ve allowed people to know some of what was happening in my world without ever chatting with them. I also feared early onset of Alzheimer’s causing me to forget all my adventures. Kidding, but without you, I would have forgotten everything.

Another reason you began is I believe there’s value in learning from one’s mistakes. In my first year of ‘real world,’ I anticipated I’d make quite a few of them, and I wanted to develop as a person through that process. Something I never anticipated happened along the way. People started reading with me. Not Pioneer Woman or Today’s Letters status, but still, people were interested. For whatever reason, my mistakes and experiences offered a tad bit of insight for other people too. I’m not saying you and my writing have changed the world or anyone’s life. In fact, I’m still amazed people would read this, but I do know I’ve been able to have a few pretty fun conversations along the way with this deal.

There are tons of reasons I began you. In my original post, I even wrote out my goals for this journey. They’ve changed some along the way, but that’s to be expected. However, a final reason I began this Letters for Lindsay gig is because of the encouragement of two friends who have a little blog called Our Marriage Project. I’ve written about them before here and their blogging endeavor isn’t quite so little, but I had breakfast with them in the fall and emailed back a forth a ton before starting you. They started you in June, so I knew they’d speak truth and insight into whether I wanted to embark on you. After many, many (thanks guys) conversations, Kyle said two things that have stuck with me from day one. “Why would you/are you doing this?” and “if you don’t write consistently why should I read it consistently.” These two pieces of advice shaped you for me.

Kyle and Jen’s blog is coming to an end soon. Yesterday they posted they will no longer be doing you. In the midst of that they opened the floor for questions to be asked. I’m an advocate of engaging in social media, so I asked, “As a fellow daily blogger, what has been your biggest take away from blogging daily? Any advice?” I want to be a learner in life, so why not ask and learn from people wiser than myself.

Here was Kyle’s response: “That showing up really means something. And I mean I took that into other areas of my life. You don’t always have to be Faulkner in every post you write just like you don’t have to be Piper in every quiet time you have or Jeter in every softball game you play. You just have to show up, every day, and you’ll grow into your talents.”

By this, I was encouraged. Here’s to you, blogging daily. Here’s to you, showing up. Here’s to you, readers, for reading even when all I do is show up.

Daily blogger


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