Letter #239: Say Uncle

May 27, 2011

Dear uncles,

Self, why in the world are you writing a letter to your uncles?!? I mean, you have 10 of them, (yes, 10…my dad’s the oldest of 9 and mom’s the youngest of three) most of which are computer illiterate if they’re anything like Papa Roth! Unfortunately or fortunately, those guys aren’t the uncles I’m talking about.

Ward and Derek setting up the tramp harness.

Today is about the Kanakuk and specifically the K-West version of you. Readers, you’re probably saying, ‘ummm….Lindsay, what are you talking about?!’ Stick with me. Our version of you really means nothing of the visual I have when I think uncle. Our version of you is a group of college and young adult aged veteran staff guys who come to camp a week early and whip it into shape. Think about it this way. Camp sits dormant for nine months…task #1: remove dead animals from girls’ side of camp! You paint sheds, courts, poles, etc. I think most still have red and blue paint remnants. You put boats into the water, cut limbs and trails, clean cabins, carry heavy things and all sorts of other boy stuff. For you guys, we are grateful!!

Opening night burgers!

The rest of our staff does a ton of work projects as well, but without you we’d be struggling to get camp ready. Here’s the best part. Until the kitchen staff (kitchies and cooks) arrive and get acclimated, you run the kitchen. You do the dishes, refills, sweep and mop. During this process, I’ve never seen one of you not develop a new appreciation for our kitchen staff. Now, when your campers get here, stay after lunch and mop the chuckwagon to help those girls out!

The finest of service!

Since I move to camp in the middle of Uncle Week, I end up spending quite a bit of time with you. You’re hilarious and super gracious to come in early to prep camp, but mostly hilarious! Two days ago, some of you asked for dating and girl advice. Hahahaha…hilarious. Here’s the best advice I have for you. Serving is a positive in girl eyes, so being behind in the kitchen is a positive in your world.

Western party root beer stand!

Now, here’s the best advice we can give you. The most attractive thing you could ever do is…………..drum roll please………….do what you’re supposed to be doing and do it well! If you’re a counselor, be with your kids and point them to the cross. If you’re maintenance, mow, weed eat and make this camp look better than it ever has. If a girl is going to like you, it’s going to work out eventually. However, the girls involved in the conversation all agreed you are most attractive when you’re fulfilling your obligations and responsibilities well. You don’t have to neglect the things before you in order to be noticed. Do those things well. Then, when you finally get the chance to chat with her, she’s already impressed with you and has started developing respect before the conversation begins.

Thanks for all you do and consider heeding our advice…we might know a little bit about what we’re talking about!

Uncle advice giver


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