Letter #240: Zumba Zombie

May 28, 2011

Dear Zumba,

I’ve heard about you for awhile now, but last night was my first interaction with you. WOW! Hilarious, and I’m sore this morning!

Every Staff Training Week, K-West has a ‘split night fun.’ Well, last night was it. The boys do really intense boy things like basketball and warball, while the girls, well……do girl things! I will say that for the first time in Komo (girl side of Kanakuk) history, we had a competition! After a staff dodgeball tournament the day before, the finals between cabin 2 and 8 kicked off our night! The prize: chocolate milk. The stakes: higher than when we play with campers. Cabin 2 prevailed, then it was time to let the true evening commence.

What would a Komo night be without a dance party?! One word: LAME. So, like usual a dance party ensued. We have not been able to find a new song we like, so we’re going with our oldies but goodies for the summer!  We taught the staff Ice Cream n’ Cake, Throw Your Hands Up and Go Buck. We have some quick learners on our hands except for the fact I was chosen to teach Go Buck. Note to self and everyone else…my gifting isn’t and will never be teaching large groups of people dance moves. Heck, for that matter, small groups either! Imagine me leading a dance class….ok, ok, enough laughter already. In spite of my poor teaching abilities, the staff mastered all the dances and Komo side of camp is ready for campers…almost.

Now, back to you. After learning some of the usual dances, you were busted out. Renee, our personnel director, just happened to get certified in you this year. Why waste the talent put before us?! So, to close down the evening, you ensued. In all reality, hilarity ensued. Word on the street is you can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour. Not to mention, you’re super fun. However, I will say inhibitions must be left at the door for you. I might also add, you happening in front of boys…probably not the best option! You do not let the hips lie!

Last night was hands down the funniest night of Staff Training Week of my six summers. Seeing as you and aerobics class are being paired this summer for campers, I think I’ll be seeing you again soon as I schedule where people will teach classes! Friends, if you’ve never tried the Zumba experience, it’s a must. Absolutely hilarious, great workout and really fun.

Thankful I can laugh at myself and be ridiculous,

Zumba Zombie



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