Letter #242: Famous Fist Pumper!

May 30, 2011

Dear fist pumps,

You have made me and some of my camp friends famous!!! I’ve written about you before here, but let me explain. I don’t read many blogs regularly, but I stumbled upon one I read daily about five months ago. I was well on my way with my blogging endeavor when I came across the Loerke’s and their blog, Today’s Letters. This blog is hilarious, insightful, concise, witty, fairly real and one of my favorites!

Today’s Letters’ tagline is, “There are many things that can change a life…a letter is one of them.” Oh, after writing 242 of you, I can attest to just how true this is! If you haven’t taken the time to check out Today’s Letters, I’d highly recommend it.

So, what does a blog have to do with you? Well, let me just tell you about it. Every Friday, the Loerke’s do this thing called Fist Pump Friday. Readers send in pictures throwing you up all around the globe. On Fridays, I find myself looking forward to viewing you and whether or not I’ll randomly know any of the participants. Well, two Fridays ago, here the Loerke’s asked for you from summer camp. Then, they mentioned Kanakuk ‘koffee kake,’ and I knew I could make their request happen.

So, I got the entire dining hall to fork their coffee cake and throw you up for a few pics, emailed them to the Loerke’s and moved on with my life. Later that day I got an email back from Em, and it was like we’d been friends for life. Not to mention how small of a world we live in…the husband of the family I live with was her K-Life leader back in the day and my sister’s best friend growing up was Em’s camper when she worked at K-Klassic. We live in a small and fun world! She also informed me Kanakuk ‘koffee kake’ was making a debut on Fist Pump Friday!!

Thus, we are famous! Click here to see the debut for yourself!

Readers, don’t be afraid to pump some fists today,

Famous Fist Pumper


One comment

  1. let’s talk about an even smaller world that MY ALUMNI (Taylor university the greatest smallest college in the world) had 2 pictures… and kwest had 2 pictures… the world is indeed tiny. as soon as i opened it up and saw the football stadium bleachers I knew it was TU… HILAROUS! go fist pumps, go!

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