Letter #244: Mega Day

June 1, 2011

Dear Mega Day,

Today is you…a trial run of the actual camp schedule! Our staff has diligently trained all week, and now it’s time to truly simulate what a real camp day looks like. You mean one of my major roles at camp comes to major life today…scheduling.

Part of my job is getting to schedule campers and counselors in their daily activities. Today, I hold a fire hose to the girls’ staff and explain everything that happens in a day. The best part is that they not only get to listen to me drone on and on, but they also get to do lots of fun things!

Today, you put me into full on go mode. This is what we live for. Campers are coming in three days!!!!!!!!! The staff is almost ready…yet we’ve still got a ton to learn in the next three days. What a fun day!

Looking forward to the culmination of you with the staff talent show,

K-West Scheduler

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