Letter #245: Speaking

June 2, 2011

Dear speaking,

You have officially entered into my realm of love/hate relationships. I feel like I’ve managed to do more of you in the last year or two of my life than my whole life combined. Between camp and the Institute, you’ve become a large part of my life. If I’m honest, I love and hate you at the same time.

I hate the build up before hand. I get nervous, stress out a bit too much and allow my perfectionism to bog me down. I get super task-oriented and tend to push you off until the last minute because I don’t think you’re my strong suit.

The flip side is that I end up really loving you as well. You force me to go to the Bible for answers. You allow me to get fired up about things that matter. You make me slow down and take time to sit and reflect. You challenge me before ever even remotely challenging an audience.

Tonight’s our night off. While laundry, food and rest are at the top of the list, writing a talk is as well because I have to/get to do you in the morning. Who scheduled that?! Oh wait, I did. Leadership and goal-setting…creativity, scripture and practicality, give me something good. It’s a good thing you are a love/hate relationship because I’m going to need some love tonight.

Challenge me as I figure out my approach to you for tomorrow,

Lover and hater


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