Letter #246: Techie Extraordinaire

June 3, 2011

Dear technology,

Somehow, I’ve become the ‘expert’ of you around this place. True: probably not. Burdensome at times: absolutely. Fun: Yes!

Welcome to my look of the summer! Can we say techie?! Baby camera, legit camp camera, iPad…honestly, all I need now is to whip my iPhone out of my back pocket. Oh wait, no phones at camp and running shorts don’t have back pockets! Oh and the catching equipment was my outfit to get into the ‘Game On’ theme of the summer!

As I’ve written before, I’m the Social Media Director of K-West this summer. This means I run around with an iPad and tweet and blog. Follow us at kwest.kanakuk.com and on Twitter @kanakukkwest. My newest cheer around this place has become ‘Tweet it!’ It’s pretty hilarious to see you on camp grounds considering cell phones and computers aren’t permissable. However, I love seeing Kanakuk keeping up with the trends and working diligently to give families a glimpse into their kids’ camp experience.

Sometimes you get in my way of getting other important things done. Other times, you make my day more exciting. However, as our following is building and conversations are happening, it’s making you so worth it. Campers are counting down the days to their term of camp. Mom’s are replying when they see their kids’ pictures. You’re becoming fun!

While these new responsibilities are probably causing this blog to suffer a bit, it’s been fun to communicate what K-West is all about and fun moments in the process. So, I may look like a dork running around looking like a techie all summer, but I guess it’s worth it!

Tweetin’ like a fool,

Techie Extraordinaire


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