Letter #250: Life Stage of 24

June 7, 2011

Dear life stage,

You sure are fun! 24, single and working at summer camp. Most people would probably be a little bummed by you. I, on the other hand, am loving every second of you! Yesterday it hit me hard that I am in a unique one of you, and I have to make the most of every minute of it.

I am old enough to have some life experience under my belt, yet young enough for our kampers and staff to still be able to relate to me. I’m not saying that age negates ministry at all, but the bigger the age gap the more difficult it is to relate. You move from friend category to role model to a secondary parent figure. This is one of the many reasons I get excited about you. I’m not getting any younger, so I only have a window of time where I’m still ‘young, hip and cool’ to kampers and staff. I have to make the most of this!

While it’s easy to look around and see all the things I don’t have at 24…lots of money, a man, currently A/C, etc., my eyes have been opened to more of what I do have. Because of you I have a unique ministry that I couldn’t have if I was tied down to a guy and in a different job title. Because of you I get to travel the country seeing all sorts of places and meeting all sorts of people I’d never get to otherwise. Because of you I get to teach basketball, drive boats and dress up in costumes to get to tell kids about Jesus.

Today, I’m thankful for you,

24, single, summer camp employee


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