Letter #251: Alive and Well

June 9, 2011

Dear readers,

I woke up this morning with a bit of backlash on my phone. Calls, emails and texts asking if I was alive due to my lack of a blog post yesterday. If anyone is wondering, I am alive and well. The majority of you don’t care, so let’s move on.

I’m on my first day off since May 16th!! I am exhausted. I took a TAPS to TAPS 24 (bedtime to bedtime in real world terms), and my shower, roommate chats and bed have never felt so good! My day off will consist of a bit of laundry, eating non-camp food, a nap and more rest. My goal is to go back tonight refreshed and renewed!

I apologize for my lack of post. Yesterday was easily the craziest day of the summer thus far. So rather than stress myself out more, I will post twice today. Thanks for reading. Thanks for being concerned for my well-being…mostly Mama Roth! If you think about it, pray for kids and kamp. You guys are the best and make this way more fun than it should be.

Enjoying a much needed day off,

24 lover


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