Letter #252: Sleepless in Lampe

June 9, 2011

Dear sleep,

Oh my goodness, you’ve never been SO good. I just woke up from a nearly four hour nap. Thus, I have officially done you for 13 of my 24 hours off. There is nothing else that could have fulfilled me more! I knew I was tired, but I had no idea I was that tired. Plus, I’m hoping to slip back into camp and get in bed pretty early again tonight. Tomorrow morning, I’m hoping my goal will be accomplished…be renewed and refreshed upon my return to K-West!

The combination of staying up late scheduling, waking up early for meetings, to read and to blog and the heat officially wiped me out. I’ve always wondered about you…they’re some things in life that can be re-achieved…I’m not sure that losing sleep is one of them. You might just be one of those things that once you’re lost, you’re lost for good.

I may have just taken the lamest 24 of life, but you and rest were so needed that I don’t even care!

Back to my favorite place to spend the summer soon,

Sleepless in Lampe


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