Letter #253: Guest Post-Unexpected Friendship

June 10, 2011


*One of the most unexpected and greatest friendships in my world…thanks for saving me a day of blogging and for being such a dear friend! Can’t wait to come to Memphis in September!

Dear friendship,

Lindsay asked me to write a post for her blog, and here are the instructions I received:

“My only parameters would be that I’d like it to be a letter of some sort.”

She may be wishing she gave me more “parameters” when she sees the photos I’ve dug up of us though the years!

Big/Little Christmas 2006: our sophomore year of college...check that blonde hair!

Well friendship, sometimes you pop up in the craziest places and teach us some of life’s most important things. Here are a few things you taught me by bringing Lindsay and I together:

1.)  You are often unexpected – When Lindsay and I first became friends in college, people that knew each of us from different classes, groups, etc. would often say, “You two are best friends?!” when they figured out how close we were. Let’s just say we didn’t have a lot in common. I thought Lindsay was this girl who knew everyone at Oklahoma State…. Mainly because many conversations went like this, “She’s my cousin.” “He’s my second cousin.” “He’s my aunt’s sister-in-law’s kid.” Okay, that last one might be an exaggeration, but I felt like the Rothers were everywhere at OSU! I also thought she was this laid-back, athletic girl who made time for the gym but waited until the last minute to study (we had a history class together first semester of freshman year. I studied like 6 days for an exam; Roth studied 1). Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure she thought I was this, for lack of a better word, prissy girl from Dallas. Looking back, it’s hilarious.

The biggest snow we had while in college gave us three days out of school...picture turned snow fight!

2.)  You take sincere listening – I’m more of a talker myself. A flaw? I’d say so. I can recall many a Bria rant where Rother sat and listened (without interruption…again, something I should work on). Her willingness to listen and take interest in other people is something I truly admire.

Bid Day sophomore year...I decided to get into the theme and wear a blow up fish all day!

3.)  You take a little work, but you’re definitely worth it – Rother and I met in college six years ago, but in the two years since we’ve graduated, we’ve never been in the same place for more than three days. Our lives have taken us in very different directions. My first year out of college, I traveled 7 days a week to 14 states. Just when I finished this, Roth started her Kamp travel trek. She now lives in Missouri; I live in Tennessee. Needless to say, it would be a lot easier to stay in touch if we still slept in twin beds four feet from each other like we did senior year of college. But, the real world is upon us, so for now we have the phone, gchat, email and the occasional visit. Maybe one day we can at least live within a three-hour radius of each other!

Friendship, you’re a wonderful blessing.

Thanks, friendship, for leading me to one of my fave people,



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