Letter #255: Broken and Excited

June 12, 2011

Dear life,

You are harsh. I don’t think my eyes have ever been open to this reality of you more than in the last week. My heart is broken for people today.

You are rough on people. I think we all know this about you, but it’s also easy to forget or to put a happy face on through things. Cancer is normal. Teenage pregnancy is expected while God fearing couples can’t get pregnant. Child abuse is running rampant. Kids are experiencing more and more things of this world earlier and earlier. Today, I’m broken for people.

I honestly think that I’ve realized how much Satan is ruling this world. The Bible tells us he’s the prince of this world, and he’s having a hay day. This doesn’t mean he’s more powerful than Christ. This just means he has power in this world because it is fallen. It is fallen because of sin. Sin makes us deserve death. Death separates us from God. BUT, God made a way for us to erase that separation. Christ. The sinless offering that takes our place in death and because of His bloodshed, we are able to stand before God pure and blameless. We can’t earn this. We can’t buy it. We must simply give our lives to Christ, and we receive the greatest gift of all…eternal life.

Eventually, Christ will defeat Satan once and for all, and we will no longer deal with the crap (for lack of a better word) of this world. Eventually, Satan will no longer have any power…praise the Lord. Eventually, anyone who knows the Lord will be made perfect and live in God’s presence eternally…YES! Eventually. Until then, I will give my one shot at you to the Lord. I will fight Satan, sin, my flesh and this world to point people to Jesus. I will find ways to love the unloveable. I will do my best to figure out how to communicate the Gospel, grace and redemption to people. I will speak truth even when the world contradicts it 100%. I will fail at this often, but I will fight.

Today I am broken, but I’m also excited about the restoration that can be brought to all the broken people in our world through Christ. Today, I’m jacked up to live my life with an eternal purpose.

Broken and excited,

Lover and Hater of Life


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