Letter #258: Internet Blocks

June 16, 2011

Dear internet security,

You’re lame. I went to blog yesterday and, well as you can see it didn’t happen. I’ve been blogging from camp for basically a month now with no issues concerning you. Now, a month later, you want to block my access. How rude!

I’ve successfully blogged for 256 days…you think you’re going to throw a curveball at me now…no way! You will not stop me now. You better believe a fairly feisty email was sent to our IT department requesting a fix. Of course it was addressed, “Dear Track It (our computer problem email)!”

I guess I technically appreciate you, but not all the time. You protect me from a ton of things but adding posts to my blog doesn’t need to be one of them. Readers, I apologize for anyone who cares.

Another blog post coming later today,

Frustrated Internet User


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