Letter #259: Sweet Reminders

June 16, 2011

Dear camp,

You have consumed me with you resulting in a lack of material to write about. Actually, I probably have more material than ever, but exponentially less time to write. With this being said, there is currently nowhere else in the world I would rather be than you. This summer has been my craziest for sure, but I probably love you and what you stand for more than ever. No matter how crazy you get, please do not let me lose sight of why I am here. Thank you for your little reminders of why I love you so much such as my cross country class that turned into a tour bus traveling the ‘country of Cross,’ emceeing our camper’s talent show and watching their confidence build on the spot and seeing Crosstalk come together chaotically while the Lord did His thing in hearts. I am blessed to spend time with you.

Thankful for you,

Lover of camp

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