Letter #260: There’s Never Enough Time

June 18, 2011

Dear time,

At camp we cheer, and one of my favorites cheers is for you. You go like this: “I’m so excited, I’m so excited; I’m so scared, there’s never enough time!” Oh could this be any more true?! This is what I’ve felt like from day one of this summer. Really, I’d argue we all feel like this to some degree in every aspect of our life. If I could just have a little longer to study for that final. If I had more of you, I could have made my boss a little more happy. If I had more of you, I’d for sure read my Bible more. We’re all biding our you to get where we want to be, but we seem to all want more.

Well, today is changeover. Term 1 kids leave and a few short hours later Term 2 kids arrive. Today is a crazy day in general, but it’s especially emotional on our staff. Wake up extra early, tell you first set of kiddos bye, oh and be ready to turn around and do it all over again in three hours. I can’t believe we’re already two weeks down…you have flown by and drug along all at the same time.

While it is changeover, it’s also my chance to re-evaluate you. Throughout Term 1 I’ve been pulled too far away from doing the things I want to do. Sure, it’s fine for my day to spread a little thin, but I’m being pulled away from teaching classes and investing in staff…the people side to do administration. Most of this still has to be done, but my question for myself is how do I better allot what I have of you to make the most of every moment I have?? This is the my goal for Term 2…how can I do what I have to do without sacrificing too much of what I want to do?

We’ll never have enough you,

Excited, not scared


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