Letter #261: Round 2

June 19, 2011

Dear summer,

Well, you’re flying by. It’s term 2 here at K-West, and we are excited to have new campers! It’s always sad to see the first set of campers go, yet a sigh of relief at the same time. Term 2 is a mark of victory, a sign that we made it through everything one time. A bit of the pressure and franticness is alleviated and a sense of normalcy can set in. By normal I mean, well I don’t know what I mean. Nothing about camp is normal!

Haha, which speaking of normal, I’ve lost all sight of what ‘normal’ people do with you. I’m guessing go to the lake…well, I typically drive boats at least every other day. Lay out by the pool…I can teach a pool class or join pool parties basically every single day. Vacation…this is one I don’t experience, but camp is like vacation for the kids that come. So, I guess you could say I vaca through their eyes?!

For the past six years, my version of you and everyone elses have looked WAY different. Based on the energy of these new kids, I could care less. So, we begin round two…tonight is tribals where I dress up like an Indian again! Then K-Life, then Stampede, then Character Camp and Campfire. So we begin. Can’t wait to iron out the kinks of you and do this right!

Summer lovin,’

Lake and pool dweller


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