Letter #262: Happy Father’s Day

June 20, 2011

Dear Dad,

I went back and read my post I wrote about your birthday here and was quickly reminded of how much I love and appreciate you. I dont have a cute song written about you or a creative way to exhort you, but it’s not because you’re not worth it. It’s more because my life currently revolves around 300 middle schoolers and 100 staff and ALL creativity I encompass goes there. With that being said, here’s your Father’s Day post a day late…but not really a day late because I’m a day behind!

I’ve always appreciated how you’ve chosen to raise us, but I’ve never appreciated it more than I have at 24 years old. Walking through this summer thus far, I’m baffled by the home lifes’ kids have. You fought to provide a healthy environment for us our entire time growing up. We were safe, provided for and knew we were loved unconditionally. These are three things that are easily taken for granted in our society, but I honestly think having all three is actually a rarity. I can’t explain how grateful I am for these three things. Seeing a lack of these in others’ lives and the ramnifications that stem from it has made me realize more and more how blessed I was and am by you and mom’s parenting. Thanks.

Know that you are extremely loved and valued all the way from Lampe, MO. Sorry I never celebrate your day with you, but from afar you are celebrated immensely. If I ever make it back to Oklahoma, can we please go get ice cream in the Studebaker? Also, I can’t wait for you guys to come back and visit me in Branson…it probably justifies me taking a 48!

24 and still your little girl,

Grateful Daughter


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