Letter #263: Big Cedar

June 21, 2011

Dear Big Cedar,

So, I’ve never stayed as a guest with you my entire life, but I’m still highly impressed by you. You are like the resort of the Ozarks. Tons of camp families utilize you before, during or after their child’s term of camp as their summer vacation. I don’t blame them one bit…you are awesome!

I’ve become an official Bransonite, and I avoid tourism at all costs. So, you are the perfect getaway. Beautiful view of the lake and the Ozarks. Great food options. Awesome walking trails. Complementary bonfire and s’mores! You are unreal. You take great care of your customers…heck, even your non-customer, customers!

I’m on my second 24 (day off), and this time I got to spend it with two of my best friends from the Institute. Dinner. Laughter. Free s’mores. Sitting on the nicest boat I’ve ever been on telling stories. What a perfect night of conversation and rest. Thanks for being a relaxing oasis in my Branson world.

Can’t afford to stay at you but can afford to eat and enjoy you,

Big Cedar Advocate


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