Letter #264: Faithful Fun

June 22, 2011

Dear faithfulness,

How to teach you to 14 year olds in a fun and memorable way? Well, I’m not sure we’ve figured you out completely, but we sure are trying. Camp has implemented a spiritual training track into how we develop Chirstian leaders within our gates that includes a different character quality for each age. You are the quality for 14 year olds, and I have the privilege of spear heading you.

This is what we’ve come up with…a scavenger hunt through camp where clues lead to more clues and the final destination is our slip n’ slide. They have several stops they have to make, but my favorite is that during their venture they have to go to the dock, get in boats and are then dropped off near a different dock and have to swim to shore…with life jackets of course! There’s also another twist…they aren’t required to follow all the rules and directions. It’s a test of you and how well they are willing to stay the course and follow directions. If they choose to take shortcuts, they miss a Gatorade station. If they go the long ways around, they get Gatorade.

The scavenger hunt ends at the slip n’ slide where the event is tied together by explaining how we are to be faithful to allowing the Lord and Scripture navigate our lives even when it doesn’t always make sense (going the long way around and getting Gatorade). We are to be faithful because the Lord is faithful. Deut. 7:9 says, “Know therefore that the Lord your God, He is God, the faithful God…” And of course we end by letting the campers slip n’ slide for their first time ever!

Our society is ‘faithless,’ and I don’t even mean this in a spiritual sense. We aren’t faithful in the way we approach life. We cut corners. We struggle with work ethic. We lack integrity. We don’t do what we say we will do. You are not a quality that is running rampant in our culture. I want to be a woman that instills you. My hope is that our campers have fun during this activity, but my prayer is that they, along with our staff and myself, would walk away with a life lesson in you.

May we all become more faithful,

Faithfulness Striver


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