Letter #266: Social Media Update

June 24, 2011

Dear social media,

At times, I want to shoot you in the face. At other times, I love everything about you. I guess let’s just add it to my list of love/hate relationships. I love the venue you give me to connect with kids. They constantly want me to take vidoes and pictures. They LOVE the idea of being on the web. However, you frustrate me because you constantly backfire. I’ll write and upload pics and videos to an entire post, then it will miraculously delete or my connection out here in the middle of nowhere will fail to allow me to upload anything and things never get posted.

So, there are times when I love carrying around the iPad taking photos and video clips, but there are also times I want to throw it threw a window. However, a couple days ago the marketing team put together some statistics of what you are doing for Kanakuk and our families. Just during the first two weeks of the summer the camp blogs (all of them, not just K-Wests) have had more than 24,000 unique page views at least. We’ve also made more than 500,000 impressions on Twitter. Wow! When I see these numbers, my frustrations on the content end seem to be more worthwhile.

All this being said, it’s not all about numbers. Families are getting to see more and more glimpses into their child’s camp experience. Getting a middle schooler to divulge much information can be like breaking into Fort Knox sometimes, but when parents see bits and pieces of exactly what their child was doing it opens up the opportunity for specific questions and intentional conversation to happen post camp. I was able to have multiple conversations with families about how much more insight they had into their kids’ experience and that they can’t wait to get in the car to hear all about it.

If K-West’s blog and Twitter are opening up these types of conversations among families, I’ll get over my frustrations and find ways to make it work. We live in a very different day and age, and this is an opportunity to enhance family dynamics. Therefore, I will continue to fight and make you happen as often as possible.  

(If you want a glimpse into what camp looks like, check out the blog and the Twitter feed is on the right side bar.)

Thankful for the opportunity to give families a glimpse into their investment at camp,

K-West’s Social Media Guru



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